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Partners and Sponsors

A page for letting people know how they can get in touch with us concerning becoming a partner or a sponsor of The Red Mountain Express (a podcast made in Birmingham, Alabama). 


Love our show?  Want to help us continue making it and improving it?  Let's talk!

Our podcast just wouldn't be the same without our awesome partners and sponsors!  We love that you love our show and in a perfect world, that love would be all we need to keep making this show and improving it for you.  But we have families and strong coffee habits to feed!  

If you enjoy the content you're getting from us on a weekly basis and want to show your support through a donation, that would be awesome and we would be eternally grateful!  Come support us on Patreon!

Do you own a business and have an idea about how we can work together?  Drop us a line and let us know what you're thinking!


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