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Blog page and catalog for all released episodes of The Red Mountain Express podcast (a podcast made in Birmingham, Alabama).

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52 - Pilcrows, Legion news, and True40's Kaitlyn Bentley

We know its Wednesday instead of Thursday and how are you supposed to keep our release schedule straight if we keep changing it up on you??  BUT, we wanted to get episode 52 (thats right, a whole years worth of episodes) out to you so that you could hear our interview with True40 Fitness Studio's own Kaitlyn Bentley and so you could hear her invitation to you to come out and see their new studio tomorrow (that's Thursday, August 2nd) evening at their Grand Opening Event!  Listen to the episode for more details!

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44 - Happy Memorial Day (AKA: The BBQ Episode)

Episode 44 of the Red Mountain Express is here!  Before we get into the details, we here at the Red Mountain Express want to say Happy Memorial Day.  In today's politically charged climate it can be easy to get caught up in what Memorial Day means to everyone but putting all of that aside, we want to say a sincere thank you to all past and present members of America's armed forces for their service to our country.  So, Thank You!

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