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53 - Fusion Burritos, Milo's Tea, and Bham Startups

Welcome to episode 53 of The Red Mountain Express!  Check it out now or subscribe, download, and listen later at your leisure!

In this week's episode Patrick and I discuss the new cold brew coffee from Birmingham's own Red Diamond, some new paid parking areas in Avondale (and as promised, the link to the remote pay app), Wasabi Juan's moving from their original Avondale location to The Battery, Milo's Tea company expanding their office space, renovations and re-openings for local Aldi locations, a new tech startup in Birmingham and their huge funding round, the upcoming return of the Sidewalk Film Festival, and the yearly celebration of Birmingham's Restaurant Week!

Of course we want to give another huge thank-you to Marylyn Eubank and the Emmet O'Neal Library in Mountain Brook for allowing us to record this episode in their awesome maker space!  You can find more information on the Emmet O'Neal Library on their website!

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