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38 - We're Getting a Stadium!

Episode 38 of the Red Mountain Express is a day late and a dollar short (no seriously, I lost our only dollar around here somewhere...) but we're here and we've got a big episode this week for you!

In this episode of the Red Mountain Express Blake and I discuss the impending "Brunch Ordinance" being introduced by Councilor Hunter Williams, $6 million in federal grants going to a proposed industrial park project and residential community near Barber Motor Sports, U-Haul's purchase of the Hardie-Tynes building on 28th Steet North, Encompass's new headquarters and the widening of Liberty Parkway due to some regional cooperation, and last but certainly not least, the big stadium and BJCC renovation news!

Also, as I mentioned in the show there are some additional links to information about the new stadium and they can be found here and here!  And here's a link to a Reddit thread where the CSU stadium tweet was recorded if you missed that before it was taken down.

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