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Blog page and catalog for all released episodes of The Red Mountain Express podcast (a podcast made in Birmingham, Alabama).

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Where's my champagne bottle? Let's christen this ship!

Looking back to about two months ago when Blake and I first started tossing around the idea of starting a podcast, I can honestly say that I didn't know what I was getting myself into.  Not at all.

In the two months since we agreed to give it a shot, I've learned a lot about websites, podcast hosting, equipment, recording, editing... you name it and I've probably got it in my recent search history on Google.

So, after hours staring at websites explaining to me what I need to know, and hours attempting to record a good first episode, Blake and I finally created something that we both feel proud of and I'm even more proud to say that, as of today, our first episode is now live and available for you, the public, to listen to!

You can find listen and subscribe to the Red Mountain Express podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music, or your favorite podcast app!  We have some links below and on our home page that will take you directly to our show in iTunes and Google.  We also have a player down below if you just want to listen to our show here.  If you enjoy the show, it would help us tremendously if you would rate us on iTunes and leave a review!  

If you have any difficulty accessing this episode or have any questions, please let us know in the comments section of this post or on the comments page of this website.

We both hope you enjoy this small introductory episode.  We hope to have episode 001 up and available for you soon and once we get episode 001 up, we plan on releasing new episodes once a week.

Until next time, 


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