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Blog page and catalog for all released episodes of The Red Mountain Express podcast (a podcast made in Birmingham, Alabama).

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Thank you!

Our introductory episode went live on Wednesday.  If you've ever produced or created something and then put it out into the public for anyone and everyone to see and comment on, you know the feeling that Blake and I experienced immediately afterward; a mix of pride and nervous anticipation.  

But since Wednesday we have received some great feedback and lots of good comments from so many of you on Reddit, Facebook, here on the website, and in person and I just wanted to take a quick minute to say thank you. 

When launching any endeavor, getting feedback from the people you are creating for is invaluable!  Without feedback from you, how will we ever know if our content is informative and entertaining to you?  How will we know if there's a technical issue on our website or in one of our episodes?  And most importantly, without your feedback, how will we continue to improve and make this show the best show it can be for you?

So, to those of you who have given us feedback in any form or fashion, thank you so much.  If you've listened to the first episode and you haven't left us any feedback, please go to our iTunes store page now and leave us a rating and a review!  Leaving a review and rating on iTunes is so important for a podcast and it means the world to us!  Of course you can also leave us feedback on Facebook, our Twitter account, and here on the website!  

Additionally, if you enjoyed our first episode, please share it with your podcast listening friends and family!

Finally, we just want to let you know that we are working on our first full episode now and we hope to start rolling out episodes for you on a weekly basis very soon.  Please stay tuned here and our other social media sites for up to date information.  And make sure you subscribe to our podcast on whatever site or app you normally use in order to download all of our future episodes as soon as they are available!

Until next time!