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25 - Disney is Buying Fox and Alabama Elected a Democrat??

Last week was quite the week in newsworthy events!  Are you worried that in all of the excitement you may have missed something?  Are you looking for somebody to give you a quick, concise recap of the important news stories?  Look no further!

This week on The Red Mountain Express, Blake and I burn the midnight oil to bring you information on the upcoming Bahamas Bowl and Birmingham Bowl games, the FCC's vote against net-neutrality rules and how it may effect us (and you), Disney's purchase (pending approval) of 20th Century Fox, Doug Jones becoming the first democratic senator in Alabama since 1992, Target's purchase of Birmingham-based Shipt, and a new Buffalo Wild Wings location being built near Region's Field!

Also, with next Sunday being Christmas Eve, Blake and I will be stepping back from the microphones for the week so that we can spend time with our families and friends!  I know you'll miss us but we'll be back just before the new year to bring you another episode!

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