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Blog page and catalog for all released episodes of The Red Mountain Express podcast (a podcast made in Birmingham, Alabama).

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83 - Return of the Matt

Patrick and Blake showed up at the Lumbar ready to record only to discover some funny-looking bald guy sitting in our recording space. After a heated argument with the gentleman, Patrick and Blake realized it was their long lost co-host Matthew Joiner. He had been stranded in a building downtown with nothing but his computer and a Volleyball named Spaulding to keep him company. We are so happy he found us! We will be slowly reintroducing him into the podcast world. Welcome back to the show, Matt!

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82 - Live from the Swayze Room

When Blake and his wife bought there new house a few months ago, they discovered a poster of Patrick Swayze hanging behind the door in one of their spare room. It was therefore decreed that the room would be henceforth known as “The Swayze Room”. Patrick and I had the time of our lives doing this show. Hopefully it was a show that Johnny Castle would approve.

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81 - Paternity and Points

We are back after going on a little bit of a paternity break. Blake and his family welcomed a new baby girl into their family on May 24th so we thought he should be given plenty of time pitch in on the feeding, changing of diapers, and generally not sleeping. Now that things are less hectic at the Westbrook house, we thought we would bring you a new episode just in time for your 4th of July break. The 81st episode features an interview with Syndey Unruh of Pointz. If you are not familiar with Pointz, it is an app that rewards you for spending time at local places!

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75- We're home!

The show returned to The Lumbar to record the 75th episode of the Red Mountain Express. RME has some big news! Thanks to the wonderful folks at Sloss Real Estate, the Red Mountain Express will officially call Pepper Place it’s home! We are super excited to have a dedicated recording space and look forward to the future at Pepper Place and even Sloss Docks!

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70 - New Area Code, Iron Victory, and the Ala-Zona Raiders?

Welcome to Episode 70 of The Red Mountain Express. Patrick welcome JD Baker are holding things together while Blake and Matthew are away. Matthew had to take a sudden trip to the Dagobah System to complete some “continuing education” courses for work. Blake is currently on his way back from Texarkana, Texas.  He had to run blocker for a truck full of Coors Beer. We wish them both well in their travels.

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68 - We're back...finally!

Welcome to Episode 68 of The Red Mountain Express. Blake and Patrick welcome JD Baker as a special co-host this week. Matthew is still on assignment. Currently, he is in the arctic seeking an interview with Yukon Cornelius. Stay warm Matthew and watch out for those “bumbles”!

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65 - The Late Episode

Welcome to Episode 65 of The Red Mountain Express. Don’t check you’re calendar; its our schedule that’s wonky, not yours! This episode is coming to you a little late (hence the straight-forward title of the episode) as we recorded it on Wednesday but, better late than never right?

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