Red Mountain Express

Your Hosts

A brief biography of Blake Westbrook and Matthew Joiner; the men behind the microphones at The Red Mountain Express podcast (a podcast made in Birmingham, Alabama).

The Men Behind the Mics


Blake Westbrook

Blake, the co-creator and front-man of this band, hasn't submitted his own bio yet so, I'll tell you what I know:  Have you seen the movie Braveheart?  Blake is what you imagine the more Americanized off-spring of William Wallace would be like (and yes, that does include lightning bolts from his hind-quarters).  He lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife, daughter, and two miniature Great Danes, Thor and Odin.  Blake enjoys whisky and Sprite, quoting movies, long walks on the beach, and old country ballads.


Matthew Joiner

Co-creator, co-host, and technical guru of the Red Mountain Express podcast, Matthew hails from Birmingham, Alabama where he enjoys life with his wife and son, his half-dog/half-cat Chloe, and pet cheetah, Charlie.  Matthew enjoys discussing and arguing about politics, religion, video games, books, movies and television shows; preferably over a dark pint around a table or in a quiet pub setting with friends and polite strangers.


Patrick Tucker

Our newest addition, Patrick, comes to us from seemingly out of nowhere; seriously, he just appeared one day and started talking into the mic and he was such a great fit that we didn't think to ask him any questions or take time to consider the whole ordeal strange.  After a few weeks of consistently showing up to record with us he was asked to submit a bio for the website.  A few days later an envelope was received in the mail.  Inside that envelope was a single sheet of paper that simply said "REDACTED".  That was good enough for Blake and Matthew and so no further questions were asked.